Smart Turn Off Timer

Smart Turn Off Timer 2.1

Smart Turn Off allows you to automate the shutdown process of your Windows

Smart Turn Off is a very simple and easy-to-use application that allows you to automate the shutdown process of your Windows system. It works very well with all the latest versions of Microsoft Windows. The user interface is pretty friendly and intuitive. You can select from two options: you can either shutdown your system or you can just log off, basing on your choice. You can use the slider-based interface to set your shutdown time,setting the time in hours and minutes. This utility can also be used from a USB device as a portable application.

You can also set the time interval for your computer to shutdown. The program runs in the background and you can access it directly from the system tray. It shows a countdown timer as soon as the timer is initiated. This is a nice utility for all computer users out there who usually forget to shutdown their systems. System administrators will also find this nice little application very useful. I will recommend it to all Windows users out there, just download it now.

Vineet Sharma
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  • Can be accessed from the system tray
  • Users can shutdown or log off basing on their choice


  • Very few customization options
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